Venus Legacy therapy shapes and sculpts the body non-operatively, reduces fat accumulation, tightens and revitalizes the skin.

Venus Legacy is an innovative device with four tips combining three modern and proven technologies + thermal sensor for real-time skin analysis.

All four applicators are powered by proprietary (MP) 2 technology with a synergistic combination of multipolar radio frequency (RF), pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), innovative VariPulse technology, and Real Time Thermal Feedback, which monitors and analyzes the condition of the skin in real time . This combination makes the Venus Legacy an extremely efficient system.


1 Vle

Multipolar radio frequency

2 Vle

Pulsating magnetic field

3 Vle

(MP) 2 technology

Why to choose Venus Legacy?

The Venus Legacy procedure offers you the most modern way to fight cellulite, sagging skin, stretch marks, increase local blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. It only takes about 30 minutes, so you can easily include it in your busy schedule as there is no recovery time after it. The results are visible after the first procedure and are achieved without pain or discomfort. In fact, most of our clients compare the procedure to a warm massage.


What results will you achieve with Venus Legacy?

  • Improves elasticity and tightens the skin
  • Remove stretch marks
  • Increases the radiance and vitality of the skin
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin
  • Shapes the contour of the body
  • Venus Legacy is a non-surgical procedure and is ideal for people who do not want to undergo invasive interventions or do not have time to recover after them.
Venuslegacy Treatment

Is Venus Legacy right for you?

We recommend Venus Legacy for:

  • Women and men who care about their appearance
  • For women after pregnancy, to achieve an impressive result in the struggle to return to good shape
  • Women and men who have trouble reducing fat deposits in the most difficult to tighten areas.
  • People who want to tighten their facial skin or reduce excess fat and chin skin



How Venus Legacy works

In short, Venus Legacy enhances the production of collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. The effect is maximized by a patented combination of four technologies (4D)


Which areas of the body can be treated with this device?

Thighs, buttocks, abdomen, buttocks, arms, face, neck and décolleté. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, a program is created by setting the necessary parameters for strength and intensity of application of each technology.


Synergistic effect

  • The multipolar radio frequency uses a complex algorithm to deliver homogeneous energy and volumetric heating to multiple tissue depths, allowing rapid and safe heat accumulation and easy maintenance of therapeutic temperature during the procedure.
  • The effect of RF is amplified by the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), a non-thermal mechanism emitted through the electrodes of the applicator.
  • Through synergistic (MP) 2, RF heats and directly stimulates fibroblasts, while PEMF promotes angiogenesis and induces fibroblast proliferation by releasing growth factor FGF-2, leading to increased collagen synthesis.

4D applicator

  • Directs RF and PEMF energy matrix to the treated area of multiple vectors to induce effective cellulite reduction and sagging skin
  • There is an innovative design of a double multipole electrode corona - the outer flat corona constantly controls the electrothermal volumetric heating, while the inner deep tetrapolar corona provides periodically assisted vacuum electrothermal selective heating
  • The unique set of electrodes guarantees faster processing and provides significant penetration depth (up to 4.5 cm) for greater effect on deeper tissues

Innovative VariPulse technology

  • Provides adjustable impulse suction (positive and negative air pressure), which facilitates efficient lipolysis and deeper energy penetration
  • Increases blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and enhances the lipolysis effect of radio frequency energy
  • The smooth movement of VariPulse guarantees maximum comfort for the customer, no pain, no burning sensation

Real Time Thermal Feedback

  • All four Venus Legacy а applicators are equipped with built-in sensors that provide real-time thermal feedback to allow easy, immediate and continuous detection of skin temperature profile
  • Improves customer safety and comfort and leads to more consistent and controlled results
  • Makes the procedure with Venus Legacy innovative and completely safe for all skin typesа



Another effective method to combat cellulite is, of course, massage.

We offer anti-cellulite manual massage, significantly reduces the circumference, increases blood microcirculation and accelerates the production of enzymes that are involved in metabolism. It is good to do between 10 - 12 treatments within 1 month. After the therapy, our specialists can prepare a program for maintaining the achieved results.


Anti Cellulite Hand Massage


If you have cellulite, do not try to live with it, but find the right way to have more lasting and faster results.

Cellulite is undoubtedly a serious disease that is inevitable for almost all women (90% according to recent studies). It reduces the self-confidence of women because it limits their ability to wear whatever they want and feel good in their skin.

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