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The needs of your skin vary throughout the year depending on many factors, which can be internal, such as stress levels, diet or hormones, or external, such as weather, pollution and more. Your beauty routine and beauty treatments should be based on these needs otherwise they are likely to have a negative effect.

Each skin condition has its own specific treatment and the application of an inappropriate product or therapy can make it worse without wanting to. Skin diagnostics eliminates this risk as it helps to identify the skin's needs to offer the best therapy or product.


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Skin Smart Diagnosis

Is a system for intelligent skin diagnostics, which allows analysis of 5 important parameters of her condition!

This analysis is performed by a specialist through the diagnostic system, is painless, analyzes the skin type in detail and the result is available in a few minutes.

Skeyndor Analizator
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Dehydration, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation - protect your skin from them through proper cosmetics and treatments tailored to the specifics of your skin!

Save money and time and side effects, such as allergies, hypersensitivity and violation of the protective barrier.

Make a completely free and harmless diagnosis of your skin to know what condition it is in and what it needs at the moment.


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The device allows express diagnostics (duration of the procedure 5-10 minutes)

HYDRATION - Measured by a sensor that detects the skin's hydration level.

PORI - & nbsp; The pores can be more or less enlarged depending on many factors. The system analyzes the number of visible pores and their size.

PIGMENTATION - The skin may become darker when it produces excess melanin. This phenomenon is called & ldquo; pigmentation & rdquo ;. Polarized light is used to analyze the different layers of the skin and the density of the melanin.

WRINKLES - The system detects the darkest areas of the wrinkle by processing the image, calculating its size and depth.

ACNE - Calculates the amount of sebum in comedones. It stands out in two colors, red in pores with worse condition and green or yellow in cleaner pores.

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