Massage has been known since ancient times as a method of treating some diseases, and today it is used in more than 200 varieties.

Thanks to the skills of our therapists you will experience pleasure with all your senses and you will restore your mental harmony.

In addition to the typical classic and therapeutic massages with us you can enjoy more specific ones - massage with a warm scented candle, massage with warm herbal compresses, aroma therapies, Siamese paradise and bale massage, anti-cellulite manual and vacuum massages, four-handed massage , foot massage, sports massage.

Classical massage

Classic Massage

The classic massage is a pleasant way to relax and allows you to enjoy being pampered. The massage reduces the tension in the body and gives an additional feeling of well-being. Regular massage counteracts fatigue and pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. It makes you feel calmer, lighter, more flexible and improves blood circulation.


Aromatherapy massage with BABOR/RAHIMA oil

Combine the time for relaxation with complete nourishing care! Babor massage oil is a unique product, its formula is enriched with vitamin E, known for its amazing antioxidant properties. Thanks to them, the oil neutralizes the influence of free radicals, slows down aging and preserves the youthful freshness of the body. The result of the massage is the feeling of calm and beautiful skin with velvety softness and great appearance!

Babor Oil Massage


Aroma massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Detox, anti-stress or energizing combination of flavors. A massage that awakens the senses of aroma and touch, combining relaxing massage techniques and individually selected aromatic oil.


Classic massage with a warm scented candle

A unique therapy with an aromatic candle made of fragrant warm essential oils. The candle melts under light heat and under the action of the flame from the wick, which turns it into a pleasantly warm, fragrant massage oil. The ingredients help hydrate and restore the skin. They are suitable even for very dry skin.

Hot Candle Massage


Complete massage on four hands

Four Hands Massage

Achieving complete relaxation with a double therapeutic effect. The synchrony of the therapists' work keeps the body constantly warm.


Deep tissue massage

Power massage, which relieves pain in muscles and tissues, relaxes the body, removes tension. You feel charged and energized.

Deep Tissie Massage


Foot massage

Inhalt Fussmassage 1280

Manual therapy, in which specific areas and points of the feet are affected. The therapeutic effect is expressed in improving blood circulation, accelerating the process of detoxification of the body, balancing energy, reducing stress and tension.


Steam bath and full massage

A combination of the relaxing effect of the steam bath and the toning effect of the overall massage. The massage calms and tones the muscles, improves the movement of blood in the veins, increases hemoglobin, stimulates lymph flow. The steam bath is an excellent way to detoxify at the same time providing anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hydrating effect.

Steam Bath Massage


Herbal massage with oil of 7 herbs

Herbal Massage

A light, relaxing holistic massage with a special herbal oil. Stimulates the detoxification of the body, removes stress and tension, clears the negative energy, significantly improves the overall emotional state.


Anti-cellulite massage

Manual treatment of the affected or endangered areas of the body - thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, arms. Helps increase blood flow, improves microcirculation and lymph flow, stimulates the removal of accumulated in the subcutaneous layer of fat, toxins and retained fluids. Combined with a healthy diet and physical activity, it restores the healthy and firm appearance of the skin, and with it your self-confidence.

Anticellulite Massage



Massage with warm, volcanic stones

One of the most ancient and at the same time recently revived techniques is the massage with hot, volcanic stones. This is a special procedure that uses smooth, heated stones. Most often they are basalt or black volcanic stone (black marble), which absorbs and retains heat very well. Before the massage, they are placed in hot water with a temperature between 120 to 130 degrees for a few minutes, and then cooled to 50 degrees. Then they are placed on the energy points of the body. Before the massage, the therapist anoints the body with fragrant oils, which open its energy centers. In this way you prepare for the massage, relaxing with relaxing music and a pleasant atmosphere. The hot stones are placed at certain points on the spine or in the palms of the hands, thus improving the flow of energy in the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Interestingly, if you have muscle inflammation or injury in these places, the stones cool down much faster, then are replaced again with hot ones. Many stones of different shapes and sizes are used. It has been proven that the heat of the stone relaxes the muscle much faster than with traditional massage and also improves the flexibility of the joints.

The feeling of relaxation and pleasure is incomparable, as if a huge amount of energy invades the body by touching the "magic, hot" stones. After this ritual you feel calm and fully charged with energy.


Author's massage "Max Royal"

Max Royal

A unique combination of different massage styles (deep tissue massage, manual therapy, reflexology, Indian head massage), which has a relaxing effect on the body, balancing energy levels in different areas of impact. The soft aroma of pure argan oil together with the gentle touch of warm towels complement the feeling of calm and serenity.

The ritual ends with the serving of an energizing drink - a compliment from Max Beauty & Spa.


Balinese massage

Relaxing full body massage, which uses a variety of techniques, such as gentle stretching, reflexology and aromatherapy. Completely energizes the body, increases blood flow and oxygen, leaves a feeling of calm and lightness.

Baly Massage


Massage for pregnant women

Pregnancy Massage

Gentle massage for expectant mothers, tailored to the specific changes in the female body during this brightest period of their lives. It is a combination of lymphatic drainage, anti-stress head massage, applied in a comfortable and painless position for the woman. The therapist's movements are slow and smooth, without deep tissue or force techniques. Improves general physical condition, stimulates lymph movement and clearing of stagnant fluids, prevents the risk of swelling of the legs and cellulite.

Note: Suitable after the first trimester of a normal pregnancy.

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