The SlimSPHERES device has innovative technology and represents a new era in the treatment of cellulite, silhouette sculpting, muscle cramps and sports injuries.

How does SlimSPHERES work?

The secret of the device is in the special, rotating silicone microspheres, which are located in a cylindrical nozzle and rotate with a frequency of up to 340 Hz.
Through microvibration and microcompression, combined with the light pressure of your therapist, the slimsphere performs a deep tissue massage that provides various benefits:

• Lymphatic drainage
• Improving blood circulation
• Breakdown of fat deposits
• Tissue restructuring
• Increase muscle tone


Who is the procedure suitable for?

Slimsphere therapy is absolutely safe and unlike other hardware procedures for body shaping, here the contraindications are minimized - pregnancy, lactation, cancer and some skin diseases. The results are truly amazing, visible and extremely lasting. Immediately after the first procedure, the feeling of lightness in the body is palpable, and the best thing is that the difference is visible visually. The therapy is extremely suitable for men as well, because thanks to the deep massage the muscles are relaxed and toned.The holistic effect of the device is also not to be neglected - the main muscle groups are strengthened, the pain in the back and legs is reduced and you feel more toned.

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SlimSPHERES is also suitable for:

• people with varicose veins and superficial capillaries
• recovery after pregnancy
• prevention against aging
• before and after liposuction
• in dietary regimes
• in post-traumatic rehabilitation

How many procedures are needed?

A course of 12 protocol procedures and the application of maintenance procedures afterwards is required, as it is impossible to remove cellulite that has accumulated over the years with 12 therapies. We advise you to combine SlimSPHERES with the recommendations you will receive from us when starting an anti-cellulite program to have a beautiful body and good health.
The 12 procedures are performed for 6 weeks, two per week, with a minimum of 72 hours. In severe cases, it is sometimes necessary to do 2-3 courses of 12 procedures with a break between them, during which only maintenance procedures are performed.
The slimsphere is suitable not only for combating cellulite, but also for prevention, which is extremely important.

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